Monday, May 07, 2007

Mars and the Jason Project Team

Fourth graders are participating in the Jason Project: Mysteries of Earth and Mars. To see what students already knew about Mars, they took an online quiz from BrainPop. We decided to make the quiz more interactive. After the teacher read the question, the students moved to either the "A" section of the room, the "B" section, or the "C" section to indicate their answer choice.

Next the students logged on to TEAM JASON ONLINE. Here they selected a researcher involved in studying Mars and made self, text, or world connections to that researcher. Watch the videos below to hear the connections the students made.

Students Make Connections to NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Mechanical Engineer Kobie Boykins

Student Makes Connections to astrobiologist, Dr. Jack Farmer

Student Makes Connections to Jason Project Student Argonaut, Virginia Tech Student Katie Keller

Student Makes Connection to Planetary Geologist, Dr. Vicky Hamilton

Student Makes Connection to NASA Geoscientist, Dr. Pamela Clark


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