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Barrett 4th Graders Exploring Antarctica

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Students Learn About Antarctica from Explorer and Educator Allan Miller

It has been exciting following Mr. Miller on his expedition to Antarctica. We want to learn more about this fascinating ecosystem. An ecosystem consists of organisms (plants, animals, and micro-organisms) interacting among themselves and with their environment (soil, climate, water, air, light).

Essential Questions for our Unit:
How is an ecosystem a system?
Why Antarctica?
How do organisms adapt to live in Antarctica?
How do organisms interact with other organisms and the environment in the Antarctic?
How does Antarctica change over time?
How do people impact Antarctica and how does Antarctica impact people?

Explore these websites to learn more about Antarctica! What can you learn from the websites that will help you answer the above questions?

Photos and journal entries from Mr. Miller from his trip to Antarctica. You can see photos of the Barrett students on the Expedition website.

This interactive website starts with an animation zooming into Antarctica. Click on the arrow and watch a penguin video. Can you hear the sounds those birds make?!

Scroll down the page and click on Cape Royds Nest Check to see the baby penguins

This video clip shows traveling to Antarctica, preparing for the cold weather, and observing animals and ice. Watch and listen to this video clip from Newton’s Apple

Video clip of an icebreaker ship cutting through the pack ice

Discover Antarctica – This website has an interactive map with photo graphs, audio and video

Video clips, with no audio, of Icebergs and Floating Ice Shelves

Take this online quiz with an Emperor Penguin as your Guide. How much do you know about Antarctica?

Watch this animation to see how Antarctica changes during the seasons.

Watch sea ice form in this video clip with audio

Video in the News: Huge Iceberg Crumbles off Antarctica (an ad plays first)

Game – Can you guess the Antarctic animals looking at you?

Virtual World: Antarctica. In this animation, it seems as if you are on the back of a leopard seal!

Build a CritterCam to study an Emperor Penguin

Click on the links at the bottom of the photograph to see videos of the polar environment

On this interactive website you can CONNECT THE DOTS in the food chain. The location is not in Antarctica, but it will prepare you for learning about the Antarctic food chains.

Video: Diving under the Ocean to Observe a World of Strange Creatures (ad plays first)

Video in the News: Can Penguins Survive Warming?

This little creature (krill) is very important to the Antarctic food web


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