Sunday, May 21, 2006

Space Day Activities in May

Barrett students participated in Space Day in many ways.

All students signed a SPACE DAY POSTER that will be digitized and sent into space on a future Space Shuttle mission.

Barrett Kindergarten students experimented with SPACE SAND. They compared the Martian-like sand to regular sand in cups of water.

First graders compared all of the systems in the human body and learned about how those systems react in space. They looked at all the spinoffs from NASA that we use in our everyday lives here on earth.

Second graders celebrated a Sweet 16 Birthday Party for the Hubble Space Telescope. The cake for Hubble had a photo of Hubble made out of icing. Speech teacher, Linda Carter, dressed up as Hubble and orbited by for the party and to answer questions. Students used the SmartBoard to play the Hubble Question and Answer Game . For each question, they earned a candle to put in the cake. At the end of the party, students made models of Hubble to hang in the classrooms and to take home. Project Discovery teacher, Laurie Sullivan, was inspired to design this lesson by a second grader in Mrs. Long's class.

Third graders looked at reaction time and are researching alternative fuels to use in space and on Earth.

Fourth graders learned about the Cassini Mission to Saturn and the Huygens Probe that landed on Saturn's largest moon Titan.

Fifth grade classes used their problem solving and critical thinking skills to design games in order to test reflexes (both mental and physical) that could be used on Earth or played in Space.


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