Monday, May 07, 2007

Barrett Roboticists Learn a New Language

The students in the Barrett Robotics Club learned a new language. It is a graphical programming language called ROBOLAB. The students worked with ROBOLAB on the computer and then beamed the program to the RCX (the brain) of the TankBot via a special infrared (IR) interface. The students learned the "language" by playing GO FISH, decoding programs on the SMARTBoard, and by replicating some existing programs. Some students began to experiment with designing their own programs. Be sure to watch the videos below of the students playing GO FISH, and getting a TankBot to play the song, Lets Go Band!

Playing GO FISH

Programming with ROBOLAB
Programming with ROBOLAB

Forward and Reverse Tankbots

Tankbot Playing Lets Go Band


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