Friday, October 19, 2007

Kindergarten Goes Batty over Bats

Listen to Mrs. Klontz sing about a little bat while watching a photo slideshow of Barrett Kindergarteners learning about bats.

We learned about bats in the Discovery Lab. We watched a video and learned how bats use echolocation to find their food. We watched bats catch their prey. After the video, we went to three centers. At one center we learned about bat anatomy (the parts of the bat, such as wings, hands, ears, and more). We also read books about bats.

At another center we learned that bat researchers sort bats into groups based on similar attributes. We have been working on sorting in math, so we used this skill to group the bats. Some of the ways we sorted the bats were by color, shape, and food.

At another center we sang a song about echolocation written for us by Mrs. Klontz. Then we took turns pretending to be a bat. We wore a blindfold and used our sense of hearing to locate the insect to eat. We also had to avoid “flying” into the pretend tree! The sound of the leaves moving in the bag, helped the bats avoid hitting the tree.


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