Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Career Day Speakers in the Discovery Lab

Dr. Guido Cervone talked to Barrett students about being a researcher and university professor. The students and teachers learned a lot about remote sensing using birds, kites, balloons, airplanes, and satellites. We learned about geostationary and polar orbiting satellites. Dr. Cervone showed us how he uses satellite images to study hurricanes. It was really interesting when he showed us how an infrared camera works. You can visit the J-Track 3D from NASA to see different satellite orbits.

Cindy Schall is a teacher at the Arlington Career Center in the Animal Sciences department. Students enjoyed learning about different careers involving animals. Some of the careers Ms. Schall talked about were being a pet sitter, trainer, working in wildlife management, a veterinarian, and a veterinarian technician. It was fun when she showed us how she is training Cedric, her Great Dane. It was cool when we listened to the heart beat of the Ball Python snake she brought to the Discovery Lab. At the end of the lesson, we could pet the snake (or not).

Mr. Hill has many different roles at XM Satellite Radio so he is sometimes called a jack-of-all-trades. He showed us how the satellites are launched. We were surprised the rocket launches with the satellite from a ship! We learned the satellite is powered by solar panels and batteries. It was fun to listen to music from XM radio. Mr. Hill gave our classes bags, squishy balls, and photographs of the rocket launching. Thank you Mr. Hill!


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